Clinicalinfo Website Now Optimized for Mobile Browsing: App to Sunset on December 30

The screenshot of the Clinicalinfo website on the mobile device.


The Clinicalinfo website has been optimized for mobile browsing. The website provides federally approved clinical practice guidelines for HIV/AIDS, an HIV drug database, and a glossary of HIV-related terms.

The Clinicalinfo mobile application, which was originally created to provide mobile access to the resources now available on the optimized website, will sunset on December 30, 2022. After December 30, users can access the Clinicalinfo website through their mobile browsers and bookmark the web pages they use most often. To receive the latest updates on guidelines, users may sign up to receive email updates from Clinicalinfo.

After December 30, the mobile app will no longer contain current information and Clinicalinfo updates will no longer sync to the app. User data added to the “My Notes,” “Alerts,” and “Bookmarks” sections of the Clinicalinfo mobile app will still be accessible through the “Extra Menu” until users delete the data or remove the apps from their devices.