Financial Disclosure

Updated Reviewed

Financial Disclosure List for Members of the Health and Human Services Panel on Treatment of HIV During Pregnancy and Prevention of Perinatal Transmission (Reporting Period: December 2021 to December 2022)
Name Panel Status Company Relationship
Abrams, Elaine J. M None N/A
Anderson, Jean M Gilead Stockholder
Badell, Martina L.  M None N/A
Best, Brookie M. M PPD DSMB
C&R Research, Inc. DSMB
Boucoiran, Isabelle ExOM Moderna, Altona, Ferring Research Support
Brooks Kristina M. M ViiV Consultant
Campbell, Danielle  M None N/A
Chakhtoura, Nahida ES None N/A
Chakraborty, Rana M None N/A
Chevalier, Michelle HHS None N/A
Ciaranello, Andrea CC None N/A
Cohn, Susan E. M None N/A
Cu-Uvin, Susan  M AIDS Malignancy Consortium DSMB
UpToDate Section Writer
Flynn, Patricia M. M Merck Safety Monitoring Committee
UpToDate Author
Jao, Jennifer M None N/A
Kakkar, Fatima ExOM None N/A
Keeshin, Susana  M None N/A
Kourtis, Athena, P. HHS None N/A
Lazenby, Gweneth B. M None N/A
Levison, Judy M None N/A
Matthews, Lynn M Gilead Research Support
Mirochnick, Mark CC ViiV Research Support
AstraZeneca DSMB
Merck Research Support
Gilead Research Support
Mofenson, Lynne M. M None N/A
Momplaisir, Florance M None N/A
Nesheim, Steve HHS None N/A
O’Connor Heather M None N/A
Pollock, Lealah ExOM None N/A
Powell, Anna M UpToDate Author
Prioleau, Fatima Y. M None N/A
Rahangdale, Lisa M None N/A
Rosebush Julia M None N/A
Scott, Rachel K. M ViiV Research Support
GSK Research Support
Gilead Research Support
Sheffield, Jeanne M None N/A
Sheth Anandi M None N/A
Short, William R. M ViiV Consultant
Janssen  Consultant
Siberry, George K. M None N/A
Sissoho, Fatoumatta M None N/A
Spector, Stephen A. M J&J Stockholder
Storm, Deborah C Merck Stockholder
Eli Lilly and Company Stockholder
Roche Stockholder
Viswanathan, Prabha HHS None N/A
Wilcox, Ronald HHS None N/A
Wright, Rodney L. M None N/A
Yee, Lynn M. M None N/A
Zash, Rebecca M None N/A
Key: DSMB = Data Safety Monitoring Board; C=Consultant; CC = Panel Co-Chairs; ES = Executive Secretary; ExOM = Ex Officio Member; HHS = Member from Department of Health and Human Services; M = Member; N/A = Not applicable


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