Financial Disclosure

Dec. 29, 2020

Financial Disclosure List for Members of the Health and Human Services Panel on Treatment of Pregnant Women with HIV Infection and Prevention of Perinatal Transmission (Reporting Period: December 2019 to December 2020)
Name Panel Status Company Relationship
Abrams, Elaine J. M None N/A
Anderson, Jean M Gilead Stockholder
Badell, Martina L.  M None N/A
Best, Brookie M. M PPD DSMB
C&R Research, Inc. DSMB
Boucoiran, Isabelle ExOM None N/A
Campbell, Danielle  M None N/A
Chakhtoura, Nahida ES None N/A
Chakraborty, Rana M None N/A
Ciaranello, Andrea CC None N/A
Cohn, Susan E. M None N/A
Cu-Uvin, Susan  M AIDS Malignancy Consortium DSMB
Clinical Care Options Speaker
DC Health (Washington, DC DOH) Speaker
UpToDate Section Writer
Flynn, Patricia M. M Merck Safety Monitoring Committee
Jao, Jennifer M None N/A
Kakkar, Fatima ExOM None N/A
Keeshin, Susana  M None N/A
Kourtis, Athena, P. HHS None N/A
Lazenby, Gweneth B. M None N/A
Levison, Judy M None N/A
Matthews, Lynn M Gilead Research Support
Mirochnick, Mark CC ViiV Research Support
Gilead Research Support
Merck Research Support
Mofenson, Lynne M. M None N/A
Momplaisir, Florance M None N/A
Nesheim, Steve HHS None N/A
Pollock, Lealah ExOM None N/A
Prioleau, Fatima Y. M None N/A
Rahangdale, Lisa M None N/A
Scott, Rachel K. M Gilead Research Support
Sheffield, Jeanne M None N/A
Short, William R. M ViiV Consultant
Janssen  Consultant
Siberry, George K. M None N/A
Sissoho, Fatoumatta M None N/A
Spector, Stephen A. M J&J Stockholder
Storm, Deborah C Merck Stockholder
Eli Lilly and Company Stockholder
Roche Stockholder
Viswanathan, Prabha HHS None N/A
Watts, D. Heather HHS None N/A
Wright, Rodney M None N/A
Zash, Rebecca M None N/A
Key: DSMB = Data Safety Monitoring Board; C=Consultant; CC = Panel Co-Chairs; ES = Executive Secretary; ExOM = Ex Officio Member; HHS = Member from Department of Health and Human Services; M = Member; N/A = Not applicable; NVO = Nonvoting Observer


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