Date: January 10, 2022

Side Effects of HIV Medicines

Updated consumer fact sheets about the side effects of HIV medicines are now available on HIVinfo. HIV medicines help people with HIV live longer, healthier lives and reduce the risk of HIV transmission. However, HIV medicines can sometimes cause side effects. People starting HIV medicines can talk to their health care provider about possible side effects and ways to manage them. The updated fact sheets provide important information about the possible side effects of HIV medicines. Each fact sheet includes a summary of key points and links to additional information and resources.

FACT SHEETS: HIV-related information explained in easy-to-understand language

View the updated fact sheets:

  1. HIV Medicines and Side Effects
  2. HIV and Diabetes
  3. HIV and Hepatotoxicity
  4. HIV and High Cholesterol
  5. HIV and Lactic Acidosis
  6. HIV and Osteoporosis
  7. HIV and Rash

Visit the Understanding HIV section of the HIVinfo website to browse the complete collection of HIVinfo’s consumer education materials, including fact sheets, infographics, and an HIV glossary.

Visit to view the fact sheets in Spanish.